Interface for user-friendly and interactive execution of DMN

Visual of user-friendly

The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard is a user-friendly notation standard for decision logic. It is easily readably by everyone involved in “decision management”, such as business people, IT experts and business analysts. However, the current usage of DMN – in which every model only has one way of executing it – does not make use of its full potential.

DMN-IDP combines a DMN modeler with the IDP knowledge base system as an execution engine, thereby “unlocking” more usages for a DMN model. After creating a DMN model, the user can interact with it via the IDP-based Interactive Consultant interface, allowing for flexibly yet user-friendly execution of DMN models. The features of DMN-IDP are:

  • “Standard” DMN usage
  • Reasoning in any direction
  • Reasoning with incomplete information
  • Optimization of values
  • Explanation of decisions made by the system

In this way, DMN models become useable in more situations, removing the need to build specific models for every target output in a case. 

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