Solver for executing constraint Decision Model and Notation (cDMN) models.

Visual decision model

The cDMN solver is an execution engine for the cDMN notation, based on a knowledge-based reasoning engine. 

cDMN is an extension of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard, a modelling standard for (straightforward) decision logic that aims to be user-friendly, and easily readable. We extended this notation by adding constraints and other related concepts, increasing the expressivity of the language while staying true to its original goal of user-friendliness. 

The cDMN solver translates cDMN models into specifications for the IDP system – a state-of-the-art reasoning engine – which then executes the models. The IDP system is powerful enough to solve any cDMN model in reasonable amount of time. 

More Information:
  • B. Aerts, S. Vandevelde, J. Vennekens,  "Tackling the DMN challenges with cDMN: A tight integration of DMN and constraint reasoning", in. Springer International Publishing (Proceedings of RuleML+RR 2020), pp. 23–38, 2020