AI-Driven data science

Unlocking the value of data in a trusted and automated manner, supporting complex decision making and providing new insights that will empower individuals and society in generating major advances in healthcare, education, industry 4.0, energy systems and more.

Making data science hybrid, automated,trusted and actionable

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Many industrial processes and systems in society impose complex preconditions for making decisions. This research line, subtitled 'Making Data Science Hybrid, Automated, Trusted and Actionable', focuses on making automatic analyzes of available data, formulating existing expertise and generating new knowledge through machine learning. And all of this taking into account the requirements in terms of security, ethics and privacy.

Structure of the challenge

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Work packages

WP 1 AI-assisted Data Acquisition & Preprocessing

WP 2 Hybrid Models for Learning and Reasoning

WP 3 AI-Assisted Data-Exploration

WP 4 Automation in Machine Learning

WP 5 Trustworthy AI

WP 6 Decision Support Systems

WP 7 Use cases in Health

WP 8 Use Cases in Industry, Energy, for Government & Citizens


Multiple research groups collaborate on this research domain. This table mentions the contact person and his/her affiliation.

Bart de Moor

Management team, KU Leuven - ESAT/STADIUS

Piet Demeester

Management team, UGent - IDLab

Ann Ackaert

Management team, UGent - IDLab

Oscar Mauricio Agudelo

Management team, KU Leuven - ESAT/STADIUS

Luc De Raedt

WP1 Lead: AI-assisted Data Acquisition and Pre-Processing, KU Leuven - CS/DTAI

Hendrik Blockeel

WP2 Lead: Integrated learning and reasoning, KU Leuven - CS/DTAI

Tijl De Bie

WP3 Lead: AI-Assisted Data Exploration, UGent - IDLab

Tom Dhaene

WP4 Lead: Automation in machine learning, UGent - IDLab

Yves Moreau

WP5 Lead: Trustworthy AI, KU Leuven - ESAT/STADIUS

Matthew Blaschko

WP6 Lead: Decision Support Systems, KU Leuven- ESAT/PSI

Yvan Saeys

WP7 Lead: Use Cases Healthcare, UGent - VIB - DAMBI

Bart De Moor

WP8 Lead: Use Cases Industry, KU Leuven - ESAT/STADIUS