Probabilistic Logic Programming

Visual of probabilities

ProbLog is a tool that allows you to intuitively build programs that do not only encode complex interactions between a large sets of heterogenous components but also the inherent uncertainties that are present in real-life situations.

The engine tackles several tasks such as computing the marginals given evidence and learning from (partial) interpretations. ProbLog is a suite of efficient algorithms for various inference tasks. It is based on a conversion of the program and the queries and evidence to a weighted Boolean formula. This allows us to reduce the inference tasks to well-studied tasks such as weighted model counting, which can be solved using state-of-the-art methods known from the graphical model and knowledge compilation literature.

ProbLog is a Python package and can be embedded in Python or Java. Its knowledge base can be represented as Prolog/Datalog facts, CSV-files, SQLite database tables, through functions implemented in the host environment or combinations hereof.

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