Toolbox List

An overview of  "AI toolboxes" linked to or developed with support of the Flanders AI Research Program.   

The list is provided for information purposes only. The owner of the toolbox is responsible for the content thereof. For conditions of use, check the individual toolboxes. The partners of the Flanders AI Program make no warranty of any kind with regard to these toolboxes, including but not limited to the quality, accessibility or applicability of the tools.

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A Python package for fairness metrics in language models

Text, Natural language processing

Library for discovery of inconsistencies and outliers

Relational databases, Anomaly detection

A Python-based deep learning framework for multi-target prediction

Supervised learning, Recommender systems

Algorithm for the detection of “events of interest” in time series

Time series, Supervised learning

Overview of Toolboxes per category

Bootstrapped Dual Policy Iteration: sample-efficient model-free RL with discrete actions

Reinforcement learning

A software for evaluating model calibration, volume bias and a correlation between the two

Supervised learning, Images

A procedure for calculating confidence intervals for the eigendecomposition of covariance matrices.

Un/Semi-supervised learning

Solver for executing constraint Decision Model and Notation (cDMN) models.

Symbolic AI

‘cEASEr’ and ‘Add-EASEr’ algorithms, as presented in the publication ‘Closed-Form Models for Collaborative Filtering with Side-Information’

Recommender systems

Library for unsupervised clustering of  large data sets of T cell receptor sequences.

Un/Semi-supervised learning, DNA sequence analysis

Library for semi-supervised clustering using pairwise constraints

Time series, Active learning, Anomaly detection, Un/Semi-supervised learning

Deep Learning and Probabilistic Logic Programming

Probabilistic programming, Networks & Graphs, Supervised learning, Relational databases, Images

Interface for user-friendly and interactive execution of DMN

Symbolic AI

API for user-friendly and flexible execution of DMN.

Symbolic AI