Government and Citizens

Artificial intelligence is an important technology for tackling the challenges in our society. We use AI to create a sustainable and prosperous digital future for our citizens. AI also enforces the digital governmental activities.

Visual of how AI can be beneficial for government & citizens

We demonstrate the AI research in following applications: 

  • In AI systems that are able to have a long-lasting personal dialog with citizens (dialog systems, conversational agents) and systems that can provide personnel recommendations (recommender systems). One application looks specifically into systems supporting recruitment.
  • Citizens managing their personal data - more specifically, health data.

Special attention is paid to privacy, fairness, avoiding bias, and personalized and intuitive interaction.

Dialog Systems and Recommender Systems

Artificial intelligence for an Inclusive and Efficient Labour Market

Dialog systems - A Chatbot for Citizens on COVID Vaccination

Dialog Systems - AI Explaining what it sees on a Picture

A Recommender System for Events

Citizens managing their personal data

Platform for the Exchange of Personal Health Data

Automated Document Analysis

Document Layout Analysis