Affordable and durable energy with improved energy production, energy distribution, and energy consumption.

Visual of how AI can be used in the application domain energy

We work on demonstrators of the AI Research for following applications:

  • Energy production in wind farms: 1/ a maintenance strategy with preventive maintenance and prognostic health management of wind turbines lower the cost of energy production and can prolong the lifetime of the wind turbines. 2/ The smart control of all wind turbines in the farm can increase the yield and the return on investment.
  • Management of the energy distribution, such as the management of the electricity distribution networks in the context of the energy transition that results in a higher and/or different load on these networks.  

Energy production

Predictive Maintenance and Prognostic Health Management of wind turbine parks

Improved energy production of wind turbine parks

Energy distribution

Decision support for low-voltage distribution grids